“With gentle, non-invasive techniques, I can diagnose and treat your symptoms and provide emotional support so you can achieve optimal health and wellness."

— Deborah S. Marmor, DMD


Relaxed & supportive Environment

With one-on-one personal attention in a quiet, calm, and safe environment, Dr. Marmor can help you work through past emotional stresses and challenges.


Qualified & ExperienceD

Dr. Marmor has 15 years experience as a practicing general dentist and sees the benefit of a holistic treatment approach to diagnostic puzzles.


Integrative & Multidisciplinary

With her strong dental education and a creative arts background, Dr. Marmor collaborates with experts in the medical field and in alternative healing modalities.


Solutions for:

Unexplained Tooth and Mouth Pain | Headaches | Facial Pain | Ear Pain | Bite Changes | Jaw & Neck Pain | dental treatment planning | emotional dental trauma